Web Development

Web platform design and development services

We operate with the trust of satisfied customers around the world to provide the best web design and development services.

Web Development

After several years of experience, at OFF2ON we continue to bet on quality and innovation in all our web pages, based on an adequate digital strategy and a special focus on the user experience.

A genuine interest in the needs of your business. The newest and brightest solution is not always the most appropriate. Taking an interest in your business is not just a courtesy, it is the only way your agency can make sure that the solution meets your true requirements.

Rigorous project management. Your website agency needs to manage time and budget, as well as the quality of work. OFF2ON has the tools, experience and skills to keep the project on track and push the limits of the possibilities.

The right range of associations. A combination of breadth and depth is important. Technology platforms have different strengths and capabilities, and platform-specific experience is invaluable. But if your agency only knows one platform, guess what they are going to recommend?



We start by evaluating your current environment, your team, your brand, and your processes. Our goal is to understand your business needs and learn how they inform your technology needs. By understanding the business, its culture, its market and its environment, we can detect and propose the best online solutions for your company. As if that were not enough, this audit is offered 100% free of charge and without any kind of commitment to continue in the development process with us.


Create a technology strategy that works. An optimal technology architecture requires a skillful balance of factors - current and future needs, workflows, integrations, regulatory requirements, internal technical resources, and of course budget - to arrive at the right solution. Our IT team acts as your strategic partners, helping you rebuild your current technological framework or finding a solution that is well suited to the tools you have.

UX/UI and Copywriting

With the help of the best experts in the field of user experience (UX) and in the user interface (UI), we guarantee a website that is not only very attractive at a graphical level, but also achieves its purposes. : Sales, lead generation, brand awareness, improvement of corporate image, etc. As if this were not enough, the creation of texts and web content are carried out with a special focus on consumer psychology and user behavior patterns, thus achieving maximum optimization of results.

Front-end and Back-end

We found that most of our customers prefer a hybrid development approach, where we build the MVP using a Waterfall methodology and then add new features and enhancements to agile sprints, but we can and do work in other ways. Each construction is assigned a dedicated technical Project Manager, who will support its equally dedicated Account Director in efficiently managing work quality, time and budget.

Quality and Testing

We are fans of quality control, with dedicated teams that repeatedly evaluate and test all fields of your web platform, even before it is available. We like to engage our customers: while the site is in beta, it is on a development server, where you and your team can play with it, try to break it, and help us root out any potential bugs.

CMS launch

We prepare your team for the transfer. When we deliver your new web platform, we not only give you the access codes; We guide you through the CMS, show you how to use it (and how not to use it), and make sure all future administrators feel comfortable with managing it. Launch day is the perfect time to celebrate and start planning enhancements that deliver even more value to your users and your business.